1. prosince 2022

AI: Double Diamond

Po dlouhé době jsem pro vás napsal článek, dokonce v angličtině. Jen to napsal, není úplně přesné, já ho vlastně jen zadal chat.openai.com/chat: "Describe the double diamond framework."

A tohle vypadlo:

"The double diamond framework is a design process model developed by the British Design Council. It is a structured approach to the design process that helps designers to identify and address the key challenges and opportunities in a project. The double diamond framework consists of four stages:
  1. Discover: This stage involves conducting research and gathering information to understand the problem or challenge that the design will address. It involves defining the scope and objectives of the project, and identifying the needs and goals of the users or stakeholders.
  2. Define: This stage involves narrowing down and refining the focus of the design, and identifying the key challenges and opportunities that the design will address. It involves developing a clear and concise brief or statement that summarizes the project goals and constraints.
  3. Develop: This stage involves generating and exploring ideas and concepts for the design, and developing prototypes or sketches to test and refine the design. It involves iterating on the design and making any necessary adjustments to ensure it meets the project goals.
  4. Deliver: This stage involves creating the final design and preparing it for production or implementation. It involves testing the design with users or stakeholders, and making any final adjustments based on their feedback.
The double diamond framework is a flexible and adaptable model that can be used in a wide range of design contexts and projects. It helps designers to focus their efforts and stay organized and on track throughout the design process, and to create designs that are effective and aligned with the needs and goals of the users or stakeholders."

Hustý, co? :)

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